How to be a better Photographer

As a newbie, it is natural to refer to experts in photography when you are starting to fulfill your passion in capturing life’s greatest moments in pictures. Showing that you are open for suggestions in improving your craft is a good start. To assist you even further in your journey down the road of photography, here are some of the tried and tested ideas on how you can capture the best images possible using your camera. I’ve been asked to do a guide for newbies and not one that is overcomplicated, so here it goes.

  • Your camera’s manual is your best friend – you should not go out and use your camera without reading the instructions on how to use it, what all the buttons on the device do, and how they actually work. What normally happens is that users ignore this literature containing vital information about the gadget. As a consequence, they are left uneducated on how to use the camera properly to produce the best possible shots it is capable of doing.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera everywhere you go – A perfect moment that can be captured in a photograph can present itself to you anytime, anywhere. In this regard, bringing any kind of camera with you at all times will ensure that you will not miss any opportunity to take a magnificent photo of anything that may unfold before your eyes.
  • Simplicity is beauty – Cramming a lot of subjects in a single photograph isn’t going to help you achieve a great looking image. If anything, doing this will only make the image look messy and may confuse the viewers on what the main subject of your photo is.
  • Keep it as natural as possible – Sure, you may need to add a bit of finishing touches to the pictures you’ve taken from your camera. However, when it will take you more than ten minutes to polish the photograph, then consider dropping the post-process you usually perform on your photos. Instead, consider taking another shot of the same subject to correct the mistake you may have committed on your first attempt.

hourwaistphotoHere’s an example where simplicity and keeping it natural makes a wonderful photograph. In this photo I took for hourwaist corsets I used a white backdrop (Simplicity) and photographed Megan and a natural but flattering angle. It turned out fundamentally perfect.

  • Get some inspiration– Never stop learning about photography. Take in as much information about getting clear and perfect shots of your chosen subjects. Take some time to absorb what you have learned and apply them the next time you use your camera.
  • Take a picture at least once a day – One of the tried and tested ways to improve your skills in taking photographs is to practice your craft. A great way to start honing your ability in capturing great-looking images is by exposing yourself to a subject that requires you to use the technical aspects of photography to produce a magnificent image. Doing this kind of routine on a daily basis will eventually make you an efficient photographer over time.


There are other technical things that you need to take note of, if you want to become a successful photographer. However, these aspects of photography cannot be learned without properly applying all the tips mentioned here as these are some of the basics that an aspiring photographer needs to know.


Here’s a helpful cheat sheet:


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